Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Give me my 20 minutes!

Yes! Give me my 20 minutes out of the boredom of my surrounding. Why? Simply;
I am not used to be bored
I am an extrovert & out-going person
I'm suffocated being in a square box
I need to see the world for at least 20 minutes daily
I need to talk
Basically, it's all humans needs.
Thank u for that 20 minutes



Monday, December 13, 2010

can't wait to be back

I can't wait to be back for Christmas...
I'm having my own countdown...
Few more days to go...

Friday, December 3, 2010

Christmas & Xmas

December is always an awaited month for Christians. It brings along Christmas. Joyous and merrier...I like this month because of holidays...whereby I can go back to my family and enjoy my moments there... I am not a religious person nor a preacher to talk about this issue. Christmas and Xmas..Personally I don't like when people say Xmas instead of Christmas. For me, Xmas indicates that Christ is not present. And that is what is happening nowadays. We enjoy discounted prices, year-end sale, any types of sale, we enjoy the holidays but not the message. It is on Christmas day that we are able to gather with family members and share the pain and joy we've been through all these year. In fact, Christ wants us to build love in the family First. Therefore, Christmas should be spell out as CHRISTMAS and NOT xmas. To have Christ in our life is no short cut which also implied there should be no short cut in spelling.

Do read others' experiences of Christmas!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

English in the outdoors

Handling and organizing a camp is never that easy. It's a pain in the neck. Yet once it's all done we will feel very satisfied though the sweat is uncountable. I've been wanting to share my experiences on this but I don't have the time. On 2 - 4 July 2010 English Panel of SMT Likas had organized a Language Camp with the theme English in the Outdoors at Malangang Camp, Kiulu Tamparuli. Many activities had been held such as flying fox, haiku (Japanese poems), Ham radio and night walk. There was another plan activity (Starry Night) that was unable to be held since the teacher in charge did not want to miss the match between Argentina and German (which was indeed a disaster, and a proof that Paul was right).
Students said they enjoyed the camp since it was quite relaxing plus the delicious food that they had.

Friday, June 25, 2010


Happiness is achieved everywhere, anytime, all the time and along the path of life. Negativity is the only barrier and that is what I feel lately. Looking around me I know answers for every life's question is there. We only have to dig a little bit. Most importantly, be grateful of whatever happens in your life.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Pounds again.....

Since being at KK I gained 4 kg. That is within 4 months of staying here. I examined my diet and found out that I took lots of meats. Well, being lazy to go to the market is one of the reasons for this gain. When I look at my tummy I can see a bulging tummy. So does hubby's. Now both of us have to be aware of our food intake. So far my BMI is ok. If I gain 1 more kg then I'll be rounder and heavier. Hubby is now in the process of decreasing 10 kg. Which is a lot! I've been counting his Body Mass Index (BMI). Quite simple. You just have to know your weight and your height. Divide your weight (kg) with height (meter2). Then refer to a chart that you could easily find from the net. Good luck and all the best!

Friday, March 26, 2010

I am everything

I figure out lately that being me is being everything.
I mean being a teacher is about being everything.
Not only that you have to teach but you have to be what your students want you to do to let yourself be A person and at the same time allowing yourself (for no charge) to be a role model.
I am not only an English teacher who teaches ENGLISH but a teacher cum

walking-talking dictionary
*answering every question & translating everything

first-aid kit
* be ready for panadol & pads

*cleaning the classroom


Enough of these...


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