Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Menang juga bah...

It's like a dream come true... We are the NATIONAL CHAMPION for debate.... bestnya.... cipta rekod. At least all our hard work berbaloi lahh... And the KFC treat by Syed our beloved Head of English Panel... hehehehe

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Grading days...

Why is it call grading days? Simply, since I'm marking these students essays for days. So, it's grading days... heheheheh. Don't know whatelse to call it. Honestly, I never like marking let alone exams. Personally, I don't even like to sit for exams. I don't think anyone does. Ok, back to grading. Caught some students cheating... including my bro... (apalah) He lets his friend copy is essay. Very generous! While my students copy directly from his other friend's work... cheah... apa lagi I give him a big O lah.. easy for me... Besides, I have the evidence. If none at least I still consider in giving marks. These grading days also give me headache. Last night, I was unable to mark essays due to heavy migraine... but I won't blame these grading days. Maybe because of work load. So, I decide to take Monday leave.... can't wait for it... Besides, sunday is food-tasting day... bestnya.. makan free

Friday, May 22, 2009

Another Journey

SMTT debate team goes for another battle. This time national level is held at Perak. Wish them all the best.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I went to salon last week for my hair washing routine. I like the massage session. Really love it. Love to be pampered. I guess the same goes with this bald - old man. Though he is totally hairless but the thought, feeling and the touch that he feels might me the main reason why he wants to go to salon just to wash his bald hair. Apa lagi mau cuci kalau tiada rambut bah kan... Unless... jeng-jeng-jeng.... Mau mengurat sampai ke urat. He askes this young lady to wash his hair. his face and his kumis. Macam geli plak... At the same time, he pour out his sweet words... so sweet till you can melt. Worst and quite embarrasing is when everyone else can hear. Alahai, this man is not that young for bercinta-cintun punya kes. Suprisingly, this lady layan saja keep on answering this man. I am not so sure of her intention it could either be that she has to or that she likes this man who looks quite good, and has handsome wallet as well. What I am sure of is that she tends to sway here and there. Her body language suggest negatively and she tends to talk dirty. YUCKSS....Another thing is that when the man's handphone rings he answered it silently... What is that suppose to mean ahhh...

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