Tuesday, January 26, 2010

SMTL sport training

This year i am in charge of marching.... Just like years before, yet this year is different because i have to be fully involved in it. Previously, my task is only on paper (got what i mean) now, I have to train the kids everyday. Including thinking of accessorising them.... hehehhehe.. a better task than last year I guess. i enjoy it though because everyday after marching training I would be able to go for a jog... yeppi

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Handbag & Name tag

I never had a new year resolution in my life, simply I can't dedicate myself to it. However, this year I found myself dragging along my name tag and handbag wherever I go. New me. Yet, I still look great! Hahahaha. Might be this is my new year resolution. Great 2010. Yesteryears, I never wear my name tag, except for few special occassion as not to embarrased myself, let alone bringing my handbag here and there. I only brought enough money to school canteen. That's it. The new school does change me gradually. Not that because everyone is wearing name tag or tagging their handbags along cause me to do so but because it's not safe for me to leave my valuable stuff here. Reason being my table is very near to the door. Who knows people get tempted to S...L kan.... Better be careful. As for the name tag... Ala.... malu la juga if I am the only one not wearing it kan... Better wear la.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Time is gold

It never crosses my mind that indeed time is gold until I was transferred to a city. For some it might sound cliche, yet for me it's a new experience. Growing up in a small town does not make me realize how important it is to deal with time. I'm damn good in knowing about deadlines but never good in managing time. And this is a lesson worth learning here. Everyday, I have to be out from home at 6.00 a.m. SHARP. A minute late means I'll be 7 minutes late to school. Now, I don't have the pleasure of ignoring my alarm clock shouting. Once it starts to shout, I'll jump out of bed and prepare everything. I used to go to work at 6.30 a.m. (the latest since school starts at 6.45 a.m.), now.. errmmmm... sorry lah... no more....hmmmm... how I wish I still have that luxury....Nevertheless, I learnt a lesson here... Time management.

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