Monday, August 17, 2009

Bini VS Isteri

What's the difference between bini and isteri? None. They do mean wife. For me wifey should be addressed properly. Called them nicely. I once got a counseling lecturer who kept on saying to not calling names to people. Just call them with fruits names but not animal thingy. So, he would called us with papayas, betik, pisang (but pisang connotes monkey, hehehehhe). Errrmm, I would always remember him because he always praised my beautiful-big eyes, though sometimes he sounds annoying. Back to square one. I mentioned to my hubby once we haven't got married on not to introduce me as bini, I don't like it. It sounds rude and disrespect. Some of you might view it differently. So far, hubby introduced me as isteri. ;-) which sounds really nice. Once in a while he would got a slip of the tongue and he would look at me as if asking to be excuse. Hehehehe.... ba, it's not a big sin so I won't bring the matter to a longer extend.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Farewell Puan

Farewell puan... We are going to have a new principal. Yesterday we had a bit of makan-makan for her. But since everyone is hungry so it looks like the farewell party is for everyone and not to our respective pua. All are in the go to attack the food. Even our pincipal is in the mid of the attacking session. Pity her.. Macam la kami yang happy plak dia pindah.Happy because we have free lunch la tu... hehehhee

Me & Arnie

Some of the happy faces waiting for the food.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Tatooing for myself....

I love tatoo a lot.. I've been considering myself to have one a long time ago. Unfortunately, I could not have one. Why? I have a keloid.. a skin problem. Doc said I have sensitive skin. So do my uncle and other cousins... Genetically inherited. It's ok.. It's heir. Hehehehe....But mine is only half body... Means I can have tatoo from my buttocks till the sole. Wow, sounds nice. Hubby has three tatoos. On his back, his arm and on his leg. na, that's why I fall in love with him. Sexy tau.. ;-) Initially he is afraid to show them to my parents. It took him a while to be a pretender. Now, na, none la. Erm.. If I tatoo my leg means I can wear my sexy mini skirt to school, ermm.. tak kan on my buttocks.. Only one person can see then. I actually like a small tatoo on my neck. Now that I have long hair that would be an advantage. Have to think about it again..

That's how hubby's arm tatoo is.. but that is not his arm ah..
His is more powerful

Na this is what I want

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Hi.. I'm Dawn...

Hubby and I attended a friend's wedding last week. It's Donny wedding. 8.8.2009 at Putera ballroom. There were a lot of people. Definitely, the one that I never had the idea of who... I only know some though. My nerves went up starting right on the time we arrived there. I had to prepare myself to meet loads of hubby's friends. I have to shake hands to everyone though it is avoided due to H1N1.. hehehhe.. na.. that's just an excuse. I have to keep on saying.. Hi.. I'm Dawn, shoke hands there... hi, I'm Dawn... huh.. all through the nite that is what I had to go through. I guess that's the priviledge of being a newly wed.. hehehehe. Anyway, I do enjoy the wedding. It has been a while I haven't attended such a big crowd (apart from my day).

Friday, August 7, 2009

Mourning for the one we love...

It has been a week since Marklyn left us with a big question mark. He had decided to go with his own way. He has no sickness that could worry anyone and left us all thinking on how long will he live. He is indeed a quite yet skillful lad. He had decided to commit suicide to settle his own problem which is yet blurry to us all. Your passing is mourned by us but hopefully it brings you good. Marklyn, no matter what you have done, we want you to know that all of us here, far and near will always pray for you. Hope that you'll be with Him in heaven. We want you to know that you will always be in our heart and we love you. Forgive what we have done to you. May your soul rest in peace.

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