Friday, December 3, 2010

Christmas & Xmas

December is always an awaited month for Christians. It brings along Christmas. Joyous and merrier...I like this month because of holidays...whereby I can go back to my family and enjoy my moments there... I am not a religious person nor a preacher to talk about this issue. Christmas and Xmas..Personally I don't like when people say Xmas instead of Christmas. For me, Xmas indicates that Christ is not present. And that is what is happening nowadays. We enjoy discounted prices, year-end sale, any types of sale, we enjoy the holidays but not the message. It is on Christmas day that we are able to gather with family members and share the pain and joy we've been through all these year. In fact, Christ wants us to build love in the family First. Therefore, Christmas should be spell out as CHRISTMAS and NOT xmas. To have Christ in our life is no short cut which also implied there should be no short cut in spelling.

Do read others' experiences of Christmas!


sd. said...

Now i knew its different between the two terms. i dont really hear people say xmas btw. its always christmas.

tq for the info.

Merry Christmas to u and the husband and all family!

StellaClaire-Richard said...

Ya, mostly people too lazy to write Christmas in full spelling. Most of them like just to type 'xmas' and i also don't like the term.

thanks to u for rising this issue.

Dawn said...

sd - now u know ah.. they don't say Xmas but lazily writing it

Stella - ya...personally I really don't like the short term


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